What’s Up With That Title?

I know! Here I am blogging. I am not really sure it is blogging until I publish it. Hit that button. Commit.

The title is from a home remedy about trying to help ease arthritis. The thing is that you are to take golden raisins and soak them in straight gin. Then you are to have exactly 9 raisins a day to help you cure your arthritis. Here is the thing, I don’t really like gin. So it is not that I am an advocate of alcohol to cure things, but neither am I against alcohol to cure things. Sometimes if you are not suppose to have alcohol because you are an alcoholic or because it doesn’t play well with your meds then gin would be bad.

The reason I chose that title is that I am a hopeful and fun person. I am willing to try a bunch of stuff to not hurt anymore as long as it helps, and the title is fun. Who soaks raisins in gin? (Gin is made from juniper berries…eww)

Why a blog? I got inspired to write more when I went off and told my true tales to my friends and wrote my true tales on Facebook  I think it is therapeutic.

I am reading a book called ‘Back in Control” by a spine surgeon named David Hanscom M.D. I don’t really have back pain, but have chronic pain in other areas, not like some people I know, but enough to seek some answers. He has some no med, no send me money today and no voodoo ideas for managing pain and one of them is writing. Did I buy the book yet? Silly, no. You know where I work.

I am not a master of many things and writing seems to be something that I enjoy and am not horrible at. I know it is all in perspective as some people might contest that, but I don’t care. I know, that is new.

I get a lot of inspiration for writing and telling my stories. Here are a few of those people that aren’t in my bloodline or married to:

Kim Marxhausen has a real blog that has deep well thought out ideas. She can be one of my inspirations. I haven’t seen her in about 37 years in real life, but I knew her when and read her blog now. I went to college with her when she was not being stupid like I was.

Jenny Lawson has a most irreverent blog. It is full of truth and courage, fun and darkness. She wrote one of my favorite books called “Furiously Happy” and another one I enjoyed parts of called “Let’s Pretend this Didn’t Happen”. Her blog is called “The Bloggess”. It makes me go, “What?” and “Ya, I get that.” It has also made me wonder how she functions. I am impressed.

Michael Perry is one of my favorite authors, but doesn’t blog…yet. I like him because he creates pictures of events and people with words and makes me have to set the book down while my brain digests them. He grossed me out once with his column in a newspaper/online thing so much that I couldn’t read his writing for a YEAR! It was the one about a drowned mouse that he didn’t know was in his coffee mug in his truck. See? Impressed that he created such an image in my brain that grossed me out to that extent plus he lives in my state.

My friend Rhonda impresses me because she is the first truly cool person I knew and she still loves me. As everyone knows, I am not cool. She doesn’t have a blog, but she can stick up for her friends and tell people (not me) where to get off while laughing. That is impressive.

My friend Gail listens to me. She accepts me and lets me be how I am. That alone is impressive. She follows my shiny quarter moments. She is right there. That is impressive

My friend Rachel puts up with me. She is most thankful that we don’t live near each other or I would be hanging around her 24/7 learning learning learning. I will say, “Did you read that?” “How do you do that?” “Where can I buy that?” “What do you think of this ridiculous idea I am having?” She always answers me and pretends that I am smart. That is impressive.

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