1000 Moons

Sahasra purna chandrodayam in India and Nepal is a celebration of a person’s 1000th full moon during their lifetime. In Sanskrit sahasra means 1000, purna means full, and chandrodyam means dawn of moon. They have a little party to celebrate when you get to 1000 moons.

If you have seen this many full moons you are about 81 years old. I did a fast calculation and not figuring in blue moons I come in around 708 full moons while my grandsons collectively have compiled 45.

Tomorrow we here in the United States are experiencing a Super Blue Blood Moon which we haven’t had around here since 1866. The best viewing will be on the west coast. It is once again freakishly cold here in the prairie of Wisconsin and I wouldn’t mind being on the west coast looking out to sea. I got to see a preview of the moon this morning while taking Dollie out for her morning howl and it was RED!!!!!  Pretty cool. It made me think of Psalm 8:3-4. I’m thinking that the author there also appreciated how cool it was and thankful to its maker.

Ernesto Sanchez is an artist who made a project called “1000 Moons”. His goal was to make 1000 moon like spheres cast in gypsum and hand painted and to remind us that while the energetic dance between moon and the earth has endured, each of our individual lives is but a brief flash of illumination-only 1000 moons. I looked up an image of his spheres and they are little manikin like heads. I suppose they are a man in the moon type of thing.

He has a participatory event where he burns one of the moons as a metaphor. Each person will take the metaphor differently. One way could be to see it that we burn up our days in each their own way, but we burn them up. The question is then perhaps, how do we burned up our days? As I look at the moon again in the morning, that question will be a good one to start the day.



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