Mr. Fred Rogers and Mr. Tom Hanks

Today I learned that Tom Hanks will play the part of Mr. Fred Rogers in a movie. My first reaction was that of joy. Can you stand it that someone would make a movie about what I think is a righteous man?

The sad truth is that I am a little worried now that I am thinking of it. Will the movie justify my idol worship of Mr. Rogers? Was he sort of weird in a good way? Ya. Will they tell the truth? Will they dig out some garbage on this icon of education and television?

Then I also have been holding my breath hoping that Mr. Tom Hanks doesn’t do something in his personal life that will make me make my heart sink.After all these events of people being inappropriate and treating others like how they really feel about themselves…well I worry.

Everyone is not awesome. Everyone treats people poorly for different reasons, sometimes on purpose and sometimes not on purpose. Now I hold my breath.
I know Mr. Rogers has two sons. I hope he loved them and liked them. I hoped they loved him and liked him. To tell you the truth, I am not willing to dig into that because sometimes people are not awesome. Maybe he is just regular, full of flaws like me.
I think that it would be difficult to live in the spotlight. People know you as they think you are and then there are those that know you as you are.We regular folks have people that know us personally and our friends tend to look at us through glasses that see into your heart and separate the yucky from the aces part. They accept the yucky, but are willing to put that in a little closet that can only be accessed on certain days when they are willing to be brave and peer inside with their rose colored forgiving glasses.
I used to watch Mr. Rogers for a few minutes in my classroom while my students were at recess or lunch while it was my day off of one of those duties. He made me calm. I needed calm. It stopped me from holding my breath.
I have listened to a few podcasts extolling the virtues of Mr. Rogers and watched him via YouTube talk to lawmakers, an assemblage of guests at the Emmys where he was receiving a reward, and a documentary about how somebody was his real neighbor.
I didn’t know Mr. Rogers in real life or don’t know Mr. Hanks in real life, but I am hoping they were as I imagine them to be. Gently flawed. Wouldn’t that be great? I would like the same from my readers. Now I hold my breath. I guess I better go find Fred on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Fred Rogers and Mr. Tom Hanks

  1. Since Mr. Rogers wore sweaters that his mom knit for him, I think a movie about his life will be charming. Don’t hold your breath too long. Just ask your darling daughter to watch it first and tell you if it is safe.


  2. From what I understand, Mr. Rogers genuinely believed in what he was doing. I’m sure he experienced some life struggles that some might find disappointing or maybe even unsavory, but it’s usually someone rising above that and discovering and holding to a wonderful purpose in life that makes their story all the more heartwarming and inspirational.

    And Tom Hanks is pretty awesome.

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