Thin-skinned or Teflon?

One of the issues I had rolled around in my head before writing a blog was if I started one is, would I be able to handle the critics and the haters if one of those would come upon my blog or one of my views. I know that I don’t take criticism well. I take it too well. I take it deep into my soul and let it sit there like a lump. I don’t even take questions that are adverse to my position on Facebook, how would I survive a personal blog?

I googled thin-skin and one of the articles that came up was “Thin Skin? Added Protection Helps-Mayo Clinic. I laughed and laughed. There is not armor for me. I can give it as good as I get it, but I rather not do either.

My friend and I follow the same community Facebook page and we have made a joke where we say, “Just don’t read the comments!” The original  post itself might be innocuous,  but then the commenters take it in a whole other direction that is sometimes, mean, ridiculous, or at the very least, not well thought out.

I get it. Sometimes someone will say something one day that on another would not even raise one degree on the blood pressure scale, but due to the day or circumstances that happened recently, sent the commenters, “To the moon, Alice!”

I’ve done it. One of my friends or relatives says something I don’t enjoy thinking about and I seem to have to say something in the defense of what I view as “the maligned”. Did I need to say it? No/Yes? Did I say it with a love in my heart that I hope showed in my response? No/Yes? Did I really think that what I would say would make a difference? Of course I do! haha Did I make them hide me on Facebook like I now have done to them? Probs.

You know that paper that is like tissue paper that we used to call onion skin? That is my metaphorical skin. I don’t know how to play poker, but pretty sure that if I did I would not be able to show my emotions. I always find it funny when at Job 1 people from there think I am calm and nothing flaps me. I don’t know what is going on there, but seriously these people don’t have a clue. Everything flaps me. My mind goes a thousand miles an hour and once in a while my filter kicks in.

Just today I was taking inventory of what I was thinking about during part of the road trip which is my daily commute. Here is just what occurred to me that I can remember; I have to find out the difference between evogelical and evangelical, how I can use “erudition” in my vocab today, what is the definition of somatic work, whatever happened to …that I used to know, how do people just fall our of your life, do we outgrow people and do they come in and out as we need them, how long do we leave the light on for people that don’t seem to care, did I get the meat out to thaw,  where can I get a white gel pen specifically a Uni-ball Sigmo, do I have to buy whole milk for the weekend, I wonder if the ice caves will be open, should I give Dollie a shower today or wait until the next time it gets about 31 degrees, wouldn’t it be nice to have those trees with white lights on all year, why do people not take those wreaths down, is it because it is too cold, why does that person bother me so much, take a deep breath, is my rib really broken and what does that mean, that was nice for Rick to gas up the car…..  That was just the part where I was driving slowing through the construction zone in a little town I go through.

Now you might understand why I need to have a blog. There are too many questions that have to be hashed out and you gentle nice. No Teflon here.

3 thoughts on “Thin-skinned or Teflon?

  1. I used to play a game with myself called “how soon will the comments devolve into racism and hatred,” but it’s just not a fun game at all.

    the answer seems to be: “within the first 5.”

    i like the experiments being done where the commenter has to answer three questions about the article before they can post a reply. even that isn’t good enough though — unless the questions require thought and the requirement to confront ones biases…

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  2. Like your “add protection” Google result, when I Googled “Gin soaked raisins wordpress” (because I was too lazy to find my phone with your link) I got a thousand recipes for gin soaked raisins. (I really must buy some golden raisins. I have plenty of gin.) “Don’t read the comments” is still my motto. I accidentally read a comment on a recipe site of Super Bowl snacks. The commenter was ranting about not watching those ungrateful felons and would be watching John Wayne movies instead ’cause she’s ‘Merican. IT’S A RECIPE, NOT A VALUE JUDGEMENT. Geez. It’s nice to hear your mind circles around like mine does. I was once told going off on tangents doesn’t mean I’m crazy because everything in the train is still interconnected, if loosely.

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