This Guy I Don’t Know

This guy I don’t know has this pile of stuff out on his property that is for sale. He does a brisk business for people who like to reinvent the items they find into something new to them or you. I guess the real term is re-purposing. The guy I don’t know must have some sort of picker’s business like Hippie Tom in Waterford, except Hippie Tom has more.

The guy I don’t know is nice if you are nice to him, sort of a character and takes his business both seriously and almost like a joke. I think it probably is still a surprise to him that people would buy what he calls his “crap”, but most likely it is a job that tires him yet is entertaining because of all the interesting people that come by and buy.

I have wanted to go out there for a really long time. I think that is the place that used to be a wanna be artist’s colony set-up, but perhaps that is on the other road in that country neighborhood. I’ll have to ask Brea, because she will most likely know. I thought that this guy that I don’t know was a retired art prof, but when I asked around, I find that is might not be the case…must be the other guy. Anyway….

I follow this business on Facebook because he posts most every day about the stuff he got in. The really nice part is that he also puts up pictures of what people do with his “crap” (his words, not mine). Looks like they send the pics to him and he re-posts them. People sure are full of great ideas. I have ideas myself while I wade through the piles and weave in and out of the wood shaving paths.

The paths wind down to the water so if you look out one way there is serenity and then turn around it is utter chaos back at the piles. He has the curated chaos covered with car tents or canvas and is evolving into small shacks and covered crates. You have to be careful where you step and guard as you turn so you don’t trip or knock something over. That is the adventure part. That is also being respectful of his “crap” and your hip.

There must be some thought into his placement, but it would be hard to never know what you’ll come home with when you are picking so how can he plan the room for it upon his return? There are loose windows right next to the road and some bikes that are undriveable parked next to some crates. The crates are full of wonders.

It is like a museum, a thrift store, an antique store, and a junkyard all in one. When Rick and I went last we concluded that the guy we don’t know must have run into the end of a carnival set up. There were signs with cartoonish midway type icons on them, wheels from games on the midway and what we came to discover were those milk bottles that people throw balls at in hopes of knocking enough of them over to win a pink poodle.

I never realized that they are not really milk bottles and that they are made out of cement. I never realized that I would want them. I never realized that I could resist buying them. They are cool. No. I did not…..yet.

A few months ago I went there to buy some glass bits that I NEEDED to make into something. Of course I haven’t made them into anything yet, although I have washed and sorted them. Those types of ideas roll around in my brain where they morph into better ideas over time. By the end of March I may have something I will definitely give a go to.

I was the only one out there that day. I had seen those glass bits a week before on a trip when I dragged the hubs out there. I had to go and make them mine. The price was fair and right and the guy I don’t know was very nice. Since it was just getting colder I assumed his business would stop or slow for the winter. He said that winter is the busiest of times for him. I suppose it is when people are locked up around here trying to stay warm making his stuff into things they can sell in warmer months.

When my friend and I were shopping last fall in Menasha I asked the proprietor if she had been to see this guy and she said that she loves going there where she just came home last week with two truck loads from his place for reinventiont. I know doing that  is popular right now, but I was raised on reinventing what we had into something that we could use again or in a new way. It is a hopeful place out there. Like the Island of Misfit Toys, they will be saved.

I have gotten my hubs to go with me to this rabbit warren of stuff twice now. That is where I first saw small organ pipes in a bunch. Not everyone knows what organ pipes look like and I got a little giddy. I know! Then I looked around the tent and saw BIG organ pipes! I think they would make a beautiful new dining table. The thing is that I don’t know a thing about building. I could learn, but I don’t want to.

Apparently it is a family trait that I am suppose to poses, as my grandpa was a carpenter and one of my dad’s jobs was a carpenter. One brother makes beautiful wooden decorations and utilitarian items and the other makes fences and hay wagons. I make messes, but I do have ideas. I think that these wooden organ pipes would make a fine table.  We went to visit them two weeks ago to see if they were still there. They were. Now, to talk him into it. Do you think the guy who I don’t know will give me a deal if I take all of them? Like all the things on this property, I am hopeful.

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