Who Knows Me, What Orbit Are We In and EWWW!

I’ve been hashing the whole idea of my life posted out-loud in the world on social media and now this blog. I sort of live my life out-loud anyway, but still like to control what circle people are in that are in my orbit. People may think that I am an open book, but those people would not be in the know.

I have had talks with some friends about what orbit people are in my life. I see people have circles about them like they are in big hula hoops spinning around me. The inner circle is where the people you totally trust can orbit. Then the circles get larger like a huge orbit that make up a person’t life. Each ring encompasses a different level of knowledge, trust and endurance.

One of my friends years ago told me that there was a site that had come across her desk from her institution that told them they might want to investigate to see if they really wanted their name and info on that. Of course I jumped on that right away. The site was pretty creepy. It gave a location of everyone’s residence, ages of the persons in the house, the money value of the property, the names of the people that lived in their house, education level and how much money they were estimated to have made each year and other little stuff. I looked into it then and happily had the option of deleting all that which was ours as well as the info for my parents. I just checked and that site is still up sans our  info. Of course there are other places to look up info like that as it is public record, but I felt sort of violated that it was up there all together without my permission in one spot without my knowledge.

It came up today again in 3 ways. Facebook had put up a lively little photo montage of a Friends Day. There was news in my feed today regarding an article about a book that I am currently reading that I checked out of my library. Then my friend said that she had ordered some items yesterday online and they suddenly appeared at her door already today.

Now I get that I am the one that posted the pictures of things and comments on Facebook and am delighted to stay connected to these wonderful humans that appeared in that little fun montage. Giving out that info is the price I pay to stay connected to people I don’t see everyday or every 40 years.

Just days before Facebook said they changed their policy about what we are seeing in our news feeds I sent them a message about how I wanted to see all of the posts my friends post. Ironically days later they said they were changing their procedures. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Do I think they really will change anything globally, uh no. They are not in my inner circle although some of my people are that Facebook knows all about. That is a thinker isn’t it?

I get that our taxes are filed electronically, our ownership of property is in the public record, my transcripts are on line so when I wanted a new teaching job at one time I could get it to the new employer..blah, blah, blah. It is the price for living in this world. Sometimes it is convenient and sometimes it is intrusive. How about those medical record in the wrong hands? The upside it is maybe equitable as all our records are out there.  It is a bit like the great leveler, the DMV. Everyone who wants to drive shows up. Everyone.

I know that my library book checkouts and everyone else’s cannot even be accessed by the police…as far as I know based on true events that I occurred when some years ago police asked when they should have known better. But….anyway…. They are in a computer…so…

The thing about the inner circle is that it is not static. There are little swinging doors where people can come and go. Mostly it is the same group in there, but from time to time there are subtle changes that mirror changes in me. Come in. Go out. Come back in. Think of them as little lounge chairs where people rest comfortably and are called on from time to time to plug holes or they ask me to help in their lives…we aren’t just satellites.





2 thoughts on “Who Knows Me, What Orbit Are We In and EWWW!

  1. All that digital information makes it so much harder to kick someone out of your orbit. Some people become gum on your shoe on a hot summer day. I am glad to have you in my closest orbit even though we live too far apart. (I misread the title without the “R” in Orbit. I confused myself.)


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