What is that? Can we play with it?

I am often asked questions that I love to answer at both of my jobs and help the folks find their way and things they need. Then there are days that question all sanity. Today was one of them. I always have to ask myself, am I being kind enough? What am I learning?

A frequent adult visitor and her kiddos came to my work area today wanting to know what that device was behind me. I told her that it was my cash register. Then she asked if she could “use” it. Whatever that meant, but I think it meant that she wanted to have her and her kids poke it, look inside of it, see what commands it had, maybe count the money, throw the money around, make it make noise and knowing how things go with her kids….crawl inside of it. After I told her that since it is for business we conduct this wasn’t allowed for them, but there was a play one in the play area. She said, “Oooo, but that one looks so high tech!!!” I said that looks are deceiving and although it is mini and aerodynamic it is just another computer. As far as I am concerned she could just have it, but it is not mine to give.

I’m all about showing people how things work or sharing what I know, it is just that I think that it is my job to do a very few things; love and learn. Just those, and in this way, I worship. I used to think that ‘to educate” was in there, but it really falls under the love category. There are other things I thought were in there too, but they end up falling under the love category as well.

You see this woman lives on another plane of life than many. Her kids are boisterous, rowdy and wild, but not exactly horrible. They are inquisitive, exuberant and totally unaware that there are others around them. It is sort of free form. I like them, but they are super loud and on the cusp of being dangerous. It is like they are an overgrown woods. Lots of growth going on, no apparent direction, but whom am I to say? I guess I just assume that people will be instructed at some point that we don’t play with a business work computer…among other things.

I guess that was my job today. Just do my job by being loving and to learn something. I struggle with what I was to learn. Maybe it was the part that surprises me that I can be kind in the face of people on a different plan than most.

One thought on “What is that? Can we play with it?

  1. Today at work I met an upset woman who expressed her disappointment. At. Length. I think she just needed someone to listen to her. At. Length. By the end of the conversation she was almost pleased.. Maybe that’s your day. Maybe this woman just needed someone to spend time answering her questions. Maybe that doesn’t happen for her often.


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