What Am I For?

There are so many posts about what people are against. I myself am against several things already today. I am against a little rule in a mandated decision at Job 1 that I find petty and intrusive, I find that I was against how cold it is, I find that I am pretty much against anything that I am not for.

I know.

So, here is the thing. Being for and against…..are they the opposite sides to the same coin or are they two different coins, or are they coins that you just choose not to flip over…lalalalalala… if I don’t flip it over does that mean that it doesn’t exist? If you are for something does that mean you have to be against something else? No, not all the time. If I am against cancer, that means I am against cancer, because who is pro cancer? Then again, if I don’t want to be dead, doesn’t that mean that I want to be alive?

Here is what I am thinking. I get to choose. I get to choose what I am for, because it is super easy to be against. Here is the interesting and hard part that begins with the sorting. What am I for? Do you think that there could be better starts for talking with those that we are not normally in alignment with if we started with that? Do we both like drinking clean water? Do we both like to be safe? Do we both want to be loved? Right there you have the start to talk about the environment and security. It could roll away really fast if you don’t always go back to the main theme of, “What are you for?”

Baby steps. It takes me back to yesterday’s post about what my job is. My job is to love and learn. Easier said than done, but I can’t run around and be against so much stuff!

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