Preferences Are Not All Our Preferences

I saw on Facebook recently that those with accounts could only see the posts of 25 of their Facebook friends. I checked with Snopes and that was wrong, but really not far off. I checked on my feed today to see if there was a way I could see everyone as they posted. There is a limit of 30 people that I could pick to be my 30 preferences of “Who’s On First”.

Like many, I like a lot of people and I want to see what almost ALLLLL of them are doing. What’s a matter Facebook, can’t you give me what I want? You don’t have the ability? You don’t have the desire? How hard is that? How about letting us pick how we want to see them? We have privacy settings and blocking capability, but not preference selection on views? COME ON!!!!

I have already given up my privacy to Facebook so when I type anything the algorithm kicks in to give me advertisements on the side to correspond to what I am typing. Funeral home visit mentions=local funeral home ad, searching for consumer reviews of mattresses=ads for comfy bedding, and typing about going on a trip=vacation destination ads. I get that. I am willing to use it free to be confronted with commercials. We are used to it since the television was invented.

So, I suppose it is the same as the lady in at Job 2 the other day. She is a frequent customer and feels very comfortable there. So comfortable that she was about to try  on clothes and she told me, “There is an I  VAN   KA TRUMP blouse over there! IT IS I   VAN    KA TRUMP (she said it with stress and separated that way.) I replied, “Yes, she has one of the clothing lines that appear in our stores.” The lady retorts, “…but it is I VAN  KA TRUMP!!! What the hell?” Not sure whether she expected me to really come back with anything resembling agreement or disagreement so  I came back with, “Yes, Mam. We offer many choices in our stores. Thanks for coming in today.”

The offerings we have in life are often surprises to me. They would not even be on my radar as a choice to make or one that I would even float out there for another.  Ivanka Trump has a right to have her clothes in any store that will have her clothes just as that lady has a right to be in any store that will have her. I guess Facebook can offer me a limited number of preferences as I can limit the business that I shop that they advertise, but just like that lady said about I VAN KA, I want to say to Facebook, “What the hell?” Clearly it made no difference in the outcome for that lady…or this one.

It is Fat Tuesday so there are too many preferences anyway.

One thought on “Preferences Are Not All Our Preferences

  1. This is not a problem for those of us with smaller circles. That’s the excuse I use when someone tries to talk me into having a Tupperware party. “I don’t have any friends” shuts down the conversation in a hurry! Who needs lots of friends when I have a friend like you?


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