Save Water. Drink Shampoo.

There was this woman with her grandchildren walking past me at Job 2 and I heard her read the graphics on some jammies, “Save water, drink shampoo.” She chuckled. This does not surprise me in anyway that this would be on some clothing. I had never seen that one before though I know some people have been chowing down on laundry detergent. Did I even hear that right?

These particular jammies are next to the spa, health and beauty items. It made me think about the women..and ya, I don’t see any guys over there, but I am sure there are some that are also concerned about their skin. Many people often check out the serums, lotions, creams, little pots and tubes of magic. These are supposed to take years off faces and control effects that time and the environment have strewn about with abandon.

I heard that Retinol is the best cure, but since I clearly don’t pay enough attention to that, I don’t really know. It could be unicorn tears at this point…we really do have a product named that at Job 2.  I think it is just coyote sweat, but the name is better. I see people all the time standing there looking at the ingredients and the price trying to decide which is right for them. I want to go up to them and tell them, “Just no,” but I found myself buying some dark circle eraser today. That stuff is amazing!!! I don’t even think it is made from anyone’s tears.

I see my young friends really knowing all about the latest products and I just want to tell them to go with the sunscreen. Have they not heard the “Sunscreen” song from the 90’s? Not that I used it once when I was a teen. We used straight baby oil right out of the bottle onto our frying skin. We smelled like coconuts or babies or baby coconuts. We were really a rotisserie chicken and our eyes may or may have not been covered by non-UVA/B sunglasses….hence the cataract surgery.

I was curious about those words on the jammies. It was odd that I would not have seen that before. I went over to look at them myself. Turns out it said, “Save Water. Drink Champagne.” OHHHHHH! Turns out that next to the skin care products they should sell hearing aids.


One thought on “Save Water. Drink Shampoo.

  1. I was telling my dermatologist just last week that we are from the pre sunscreen era. Baby oil with a drop of iodine to make us look tanner was our go-to sunbathing product. His young PA looked aghast.


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