I Have 300 More in the Back

I went into a consignment store where I usually find a shirt or two that fits and looks new to me. Yesterday I hit the jackpot and found three that will do. There are so many items in there that have already had a life with one owner and are looking for a new view. I like buying pre-owned things as I feel that doing that is better for the environment and my wallet.

Nothing screamed more to me that they were happy to have escaped their former containers than the aprons that hung above me in the store. They were like pennants at a carnival. There were so many criss-crossing the ceiling, hung on a suspended wire as if on an outdoor wash line. Nice.

I talked to the proprietor about them telling her that I too had many in a box, all neatly folded, starched and pressed with love by my mom. I think most of them are the half kind. Mine are mostly the ones that were worn more for decoration than spill catchers. Mom saved the one that were frilly and were kept back for wearing to serve luncheons at church or weddings. I think there are a few daily wear ones, but not too many. There is a full apron that covers the bodice and skirt area that I remember the most.

All of the ones I have at least one pocket and these hanging above me were no exception. Some of the pockets were of the same material as the majority of the apron, but many were of contrasting material. Red strawberries set with their fresh green leaves on red background with white pockets and blossoms on the pockets. Bright yellow patterned ones with ruffles finishing off the edges and blue checked ones gently fluttered when the heat kicked on. All of them with pockets.

I wonder how many of these held a clutch of eggs, clothes pins, a handful of newly picked tomatoes gathered up to walk back into the house?  Sometimes my grandma would use it for that mini sling to carry a small grasp of twigs she had gathered in the yard for her kindling to put in the wood burner.She could hold the apron contents together as she had a hold of my hand.

There was always a hankie or tissue in the pocket. Sometimes that apron itself served as a hankie or a tissue for the little one coming along whose tears needed a dabbing. Many of my generation have a few of those cloth hankie remembrances from our relatives. Many have lovely little printed or embroidered flowers on them.

I don’t know what to do with those aprons that belong to me now. The lady suggested that I could make them into pillows. Ah..no. She suggested making them into a quilt, but I know that the fabrics are not all suitable for a quilt. That was really nice of her to offer suggestions.  I could see she was trying to sort that whole thing out herself. She finally said that I could bring mine into her store and she would hang them on the ceiling with the others. She said,”I have 300 more in the back.”

One thought on “I Have 300 More in the Back

  1. I have a gingham apron my great grandma made for me with a cross stitched stag on it and I have one that belonged to my grandma. I wanted to reproduce one my grandmother made for my mother, but it was lost in The Mists of time. Next time I visit I’ll see if there’s a similar one at this consignment shop.


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