I Guess I Am a Unicorn?

I worked Job 2 today and there was a tween walking around with her mother. The tween had on a blanket with a big face and a stuffed silver lame unicorn horn sewn onto the top. It was a draped around her in place of a jacket. She looked at me at few times and I gave no payment in attention. She seemed to get a lot of pleasure from people giving her side looks and her mother didn’t seem to mind that she had that on in the store. I think that if that would have been my kid I would have had them leave it at home.

Now days I run the risk of calling attention to my idea of what kids should do by even mentioning this as it might be the person’s comfort from anxiety unicorn blanket. It was just weird. It seems like anyone can wear anything and it is my problem if I don’t like it. They would be right, but I think they also have a problem if they think that a unicorn blanket as a coat is normal. I feel the same way about kangaroos being used at comfort animals.

I went to a new place to meet a group for worship tonight. I had A LOT of anxiety about going to this location to meet people I have never met. I was going to go with someone I know, but she ditched me and had to fend for myself. I had never been to this location, it was at night and I was trying to act like I could do this. I knew I could I just didn’t know if I wanted to. Sometimes it is nice to go into a place that you are anxious about if you have a person you know with you. I was going to do something totally different and wasn’t sure about any of it. It takes some courage to try new things, to test the waters and send up an invisible flare to see if anyone comes and rescues you.

Sometimes you have to rescue yourself. You have to stick your hand out and introduce yourself. Sometimes a stranger sticks their hand out to introduce themselves to you and then the questions start. I guess the answers that I gave were full of inconsistencies to what they expected, based on my age, appearance, job experiences, the books that I read, where I went to church, where I go to church, the fact that I was there alone, ….did I mention my age and job experiences? Goodness sakes. The next thing I knew the guy said that I was a unicorn. I think that word means many different things, but what I think he meant was that I was an oddity….in a good way, but still…

Was I that out there and didn’t fit in that it was as if I had a unicorn blanket on and was walking around Job 2? One conversation stopped when I came up to them and then they confessed they were discussing transgender folks. I don’t know what they thought I was going to say. Then someone cussed and then they explained that they sometimes don’t have a filter and all of them cuss. They have to explain that to me? Then someone commented on my scarf and told me that they liked it and said that it looked really expensive suggesting a dollar amount. I told them that I had gotten it at a thrift store and then lied to them further lowering the amount I paid for it. Again…it was from a THRIFT STORE! The thing that bothered me was that I lied to fit in more…about a scarf. Pathetic unicorn.

I went in there all open and brave and ready to meet anyone and discuss the things that I have been rolling over in my heart and head regarding what it means to be a Christian and all that happens is that I find out that I am a unicorn. Tell me something that I don’t know. I guess my “unicorn blanket” it just something I don’t see as much as everyone else does.

One thought on “I Guess I Am a Unicorn?

  1. “The best advice I’ve ever received is, ‘No one else knows what they’re doing either.’ ” — Ricky Gervais. At a 10-year class reunion one of the women I had always thought most confident, talented, popular and competent said, “I never felt like I fit in in high school.” She felt the same way we all did?! Unicorns must be common enough; they just hide in different disguises.


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