A Mom is a Mom Story

This is a true story although the names and locations and a few other details are changed to protect privacy.

This young mama and daddy are in a hospital with their little daughter who is undergoing testing for something gone haywire in the little girl. The little girl is just two and the young mama is going to have a baby in a little over a month. The young couple is stressed for many reasons chiefly with those surrounding their little girl. What diagnosis will it be this time, will the new medicine help or will surgery need to be done? How will they ever pay for all the medical bills for all of these stays in the hospital and how will they do that with missing days of work at their regular jobs? A mom is a mom.

This current pregnancy is literally out front, but with everything else normal self care is on the back burner for the young mama as the little girl’s challenges demand all their attention. The first thought from the pregnant mama is both the child within and outside, but as we all know the cries and the eyes look to a parent. A mom is a mom

Then there is the grandma. The grandma tells me that while she was on the phone with her daughter when pushed, the daughter confessed that she wasn’t feeling that great. This is another hard thing to hear for a grandma who is worried about the grand daughter and her own daughter, the young mama. It is a long distance to get there and she can’t leave her own job right then as her daughter said she was “just fine”. The daughter didn’t want to listen to her mom to go get that feeling checked out because well, a mom is a mom.

After hanging up from the conversation with her daughter the grandma thought for a moment and decided that she could still intervene. She called the hospital and asked someone to go to such and such a room and check on her own girl. She told them her daughter was pregnant and what the daughter had said, how she was concerned for her loved one, how she was far away and well, a mom is a mom.

A nurse went and responded to the request with kindness and tact. She got the pregnant, over cooked, tired, worried mama to have a rest, drink some water and yes, to tell that she knew about it from the grandma. A mom is a mom.

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