George Clooney is that You?

Ever walk into a public restroom in a Mexican restaurant and see a framed photo of two, more than middle aged guys relaxing in lawn chairs with beverages? You know the kind of picture that makes you stop and stare because it is, A. Weirdly high up on the wall, at the height that your art prof in college would have said, ‘That is not eye level. That has to be moved.” B. A picture of guys up on the wall, in there? C. Maybe the owners of the establishment and they are really proud of this restroom? D. Just a picture of some guys like the pictures of models they used to put in the picture keeper of wallets or picture frames or E Me saying, “That is not eye level. That has to be moved.”

Then I really looked at it and it was a picture of George Clooney and one of the friends from his former tequila making business called Casamigos.  As most of you know I am filthy with random and worthless information. Just. Like. This. I did feel pretty good that I made this whole connection really fast.

Gdog and I went to this restaurant for lunch today that was my favorite Mexican Restaurant for more than 40 years under one owner. In the last year it had changed hands and names and I hadn’t gone there yet for a look see and taste see. I am open to change and willing to be their biggest fan. It was not to be.

The waitress could not even pronounce the name of the restaurant correctly that is part of an entree name or the name of another side item. How difficult is it really to say relleno? That is saying something as I was not a stellar Spanish student in high school, but I know my Spanish vowels sounds. COME ON!!!

I was not expecting that the terrace seating would be TAKEN OUT and that the furniture was replaced by garish super varnishy (is that a word?) items that were only eclipsed by the plastic wall decor. I was very disappointed and was not revived by the bland food. Gdog thought that the salsa had a Campbell Tomato Soup aftertaste. An all around boo.

Do not be too sad as there is always something to be happy about. They would be, the company, leaving and seeing George Clooney in the bathroom. Adios or if you were them today it would be pronounced, AYE-DIE-OOS.

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