I Think We Got Dissed by the Junk Man

My friend came in from out of town and we went over to a place that I have been a few times in the last year to rummage around in his huge piles of junk. When I say junk I mean serious junk and a few treasures. They are mostly buried and you have to come with an open mind. It is like American Pickers. On steroids. Outside. Now that I say that it isn’t like Hippie Tom’s which is really on some sort of hoarding frenzy. It is more of a mess than Hippie Tom’s. I think that Hippie Tom is…. well…. organized and spread over a wider acreage.

The open mind needs to shut it down a bit as it is so much junk. My mind looks at EVERYTHING and thinks about what I can do with it. That is, after I decide what it is. Oh, look! It is a headless Samuri! Oh, wow! It is that serpentine weird thing that I used to make go wadda wadda with at the farm with the same thing when I was a kid and have no idea what it was then either. Hey! It is a cooker. No, it is really a waffle maker. Did it use coals? What? See these? I think that these might be the roundest rocks ever!!

The owner is a character, really chatty and full up with vinegar. When we were winding down our purchases, he was saying how he never can tell what might interest people, like when women come and they look like they would never ever come to such a place…and you are telling us that because?  I believe he was suggesting that they seemed too well dressed and spiffed up for such a stop. I think he wasn’t talking about us. That amuses me to no end.

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