Magnets on Your Eyelashes

So, when did magnetic eyelashes become a thing? Today at Job 2 my friend was looking at a box and told me that what she was looking at was something she hadn’t seen before. When one of the younger set sees makeup that she has never seen before you know you are on to something unusual. I pay attention as what they find out might be useful for me one day. I am thinking that this might not be the thing that is useful.

There was a box for 17 dollars filled with eyelashes that had magnets on them. It took me a bit for my friend to get it through my thick head how that even would work, but she is always patient. We talk stuff out and she doesn’t make me feel stupid.

One part goes about the lashes and the other part goes under those same lashes magnetizing themselves in place to make you look like you have butterflies on your eyes. At first I thought that one set goes on the top of the top lashes and the other goes on the bottom of the bottom lashes. See, that would not work as it would make your eyes close and then stick together. Did you see there that I used “see”… haha. Anywho….there they are for your convenience in a box ready for you to add it to your magnetic personality.

I told one of the make-up icons of the store to check that out and then she told another make-up icon. I was thinking that now we would get a more clear picture of how these might work in the real world of glam. The second icon said that she was scared of them as they might fall in her eye. These people know things. When I have a makeup question I ask them. They know everything about makeup. The funny thing is that they don’t even need to correct anything as they are all naturally beautiful, fresh faced and young.

The first friend that had originally showed them to me and I discussed it some more. We thought that we would rub our eyes or do something where they would be off in about two seconds as we have not really experimented with fake eye lashes in the first place. What a concept though. Eyelashes that don’t have chemicals in them, just magnets. My mascara probably has lots of chems in it. Remember how they used to say that mascara was made from bat guano? Ewww. Maybe it could be the next “thing”. Maybe it could morph into something else that is useful. Just think, you might have learned about its origins here!



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