Dreams of Stupidity

My mom always said that when you have a dream and someone is in it that usually you don’t dream about it is probably a good idea to pray for them. So I do.

Last night I had a dream that I returned to one of the places I used to work. They were having some sort of upcoming show and there was chaos everywhere. There were really good dancers practicing out in the spare spaces, folks setting up chairs, and huddles of people making plans.

There was this kid that used to get on my nerves and he was laying on the floor. I had a 12 foot cloth tape measure in my hand and let it roll out. It dangled over him until it gently reached his face and then I let go of my end and it softly fell on his face. He said, “Hey! What?” I kept walking. Then I saw her.

There was one person who I haven’t seen in 34 years. I called out to her and she came over. I could not figure out why she would be there as she hates crowds, doesn’t live here and well, she was at this show practice. I asked her why and she said she was there to replace her mother who was supposed to do something for this show. Her mom couldn’t come and she herself was on Spring break and thought she could fill in.

Her mom has been gone for a while and would never have been there ever and would certainly not have been on a committee as she hated crowds. It must be genetic. The conversation stalled and I went on to be distracted by two people who were smoking. I told them they could not smoke in there. Of course they gave me trouble about it. One said the head person said it was ok and the other person said it didn’t count as it was vaping. Since this whole thing was not even my rodeo I walked off thinking how off the rails this chaos had gone. Not soon I was to see that not everything was horrible.

There was going to be a tornado scene and somehow this interesting crew made a pink tornado out of wall insulation and had spun it on a huge semi-invisible stick so it would spin like cotton candy except it was HUGE like two trucks. The light would be so wacky that this tornado’s color would be perfect. They were trying to get it to all go verticle and miss the dancers.

The clouds they were using were huge fake stones jutting out of the wall. This wall of rock turned into a dance hall where those dancers would be performing. The dancers had on clothes from the 30’s. The guys in mustard colored baggy legged pants nipped in at the top with suspenders while they had slicked back hair. The women dancers had on  floral print dresses that spun out wildly.  The print on the black background of the dresses had tiny floral bouquets on them. Their shoes had block heals and ankle straps. They were really good dancers, precise and confident. “Take the A-Train” was playing in the background yet they were dancing to “Fascinating Rhythm”.

The person that I hadn’t seen lately asked me how I could have ever worked in this chaos. She was shocked and appalled. I told her that it was just normal at the time and that perhaps she remembered the story about the frog in the hot water. I was a bit embarrassed that she had called me out on this, but at the same time I knew it was a dream, I didn’t work there anymore and know one knows why another does anything or puts up with something. Besides it wasn’t always that wild when I was there, some days is was awesome someday it was close to horrible, just like this whole dream. I walked out of that place and woke up.


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