Caster Sugar, Double Cream and Maque Choux

I am a baker from way back, but I am a baker from way back in the 1960’s in the United States. I have some things to learn about baking from recipes from other countries. Right now I am learning about the conversions of making things from the  UK.

I didn’t even know that Castor sugar was a thing. I have heard of castor oil and caster wheels, but not castor sugar. I thought I had all my sugars down. -Ose anything, syrups, molasses, sorghum, substitutes, light and dark brown sugar, confectionery sugar aka powdered sugar, Turbinado, sanding and granulated. I have since learned there are others. How have I not known this? Talking to a pastry chef today made me realize how lost I had become. haha

Caster Sugar is a very fine white sugar mostly used in baking, as it dissolves very quickly. In fact, that’s where its name of Caster Sugar comes from. There was a time when sugar was served in a shaker called a caster, because you would cast sugar or pepper from it.

Then there is double cream. How great is that to have double the cream in something? I had to look that up too and it is just heavy whipping cream. The best part of that then is to put caster sugar in that and whip it up.

I am making a cake that requires these items although the cream is suppose to come from a Jersey cow. I will assume that Holsteins will work as well. I know that Jerseys and Guernseys have a higher percentage of butter fat in their milk as compared to a Holstein. So, I suppose that if I wanted to be very authentic I would go and see if my friend Mary has a Jersey cow in her herd and if I could buy some of it’s milk.

My Grandpa Knutzen used to have a herd of Holsteins and one Guernsey cow. She stuck out from the black and whites with her smaller stature and lovely reddish brown coat. I had asked Grandma why there was only one and she told me about the butterfat content being greater in the Guernsey. My dad told me that the butterfat content along with the volume of milk determined the price that they would receive for their milk when it was sold. Holsteins are noted for their volume of production.

Fast forward. I have made the cake and will now know that I should do the creaming method instead of the all in one method. I think that another name for the all in one method could be the “How Lazy Are You Method”, but it is really a thing. I will also make buttercream for it all next time instead of just whipped cream. Then I really will most likely retire that recipe. I would do it again for the future SIL, but I am stuck in what I am used to except for the Caster Sugar. I think that is a great idea!!! Oh, and using double cream in anything has to be always better.

I am just about to make Maque Choux. For those like me that had to look it up to pronounce it correctly, find out what it is, the best recipe to use, I guess it is (mock shoe) and I will let you know how it tastes.  I felt a little Cajun today and thought that might go good with tonight’s supper. I am thankful for an adventurous partner to eat my trials.

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