This Guy at the Store

This man came in and tied on some clothes at Job 2. He about 40 years old. He had two pairs of gray pants and one golf shirt to try.

His head poked out of a fitting room and out slid his reluctant self saying, “Will you tell me what you think about this?”

I said, “Well, sure!”

Guy, “You think these are too tight? Can I go to a restaurant in this?”

I replied, “Um, what kind of restaurant and who are you going with?’

Guy, “It is a nice restaurant (says where he is going), maybe like a 4 star restaurant. I’m taking my wife. She thinks I am taking her on a fishing trip. It’s our 15th wedding anniversary. It will be a surprise! Can I golf in these?”

Me, “First of all, that is a nice shirt for golfing, but you will want to wear a shirt and tie for that restaurant. Are the pants comfortable?”

Guy, they are not anything like I would ever wear, but I don’t have any pants for a nice restaurant. Could I wear them to golf in?”

Me, “So, you are looking for pants that will take you from the course to a restaurant?”

Guy, “I have never golfed before.”

Me, “That shirt will look great on the course if you ever go and will be a good shirt for lots of things.”

Guy, “There is the other pair. If I put those on would you let me know what you think about those?”

Me, “Do you want me to get a younger person over here for their opinion? I won’t be offended. I want to have you get what is best for you.”

Guy, “No, I’m kind of embarrassed and you are doing good.”

Me, “Well, thanks. What shoes are you going to wear?”

Guy, “What shoes should I get?”

Me, “Go put your shoes on. We will see how the hem falls and then decide what goes with your life best.”He went to change and put a bigger pair of pants on.

Me, “They are larger, a bit longer and you would probably want to have them hemmed. How do they feel?

Guy, “Well, I want them to have room so if I get fat (pats stomach) they won’t be tight.” (laughs) “Do they really wear them that skinny like the others?”

Me, “They are not that skinny and they both look ok although I would go with the first one, but that is just me. Are you sure you don’t want to have me get someone else over here?”

Guy, “No, if you think I should get those skinnier ones then that is what I will get. What do you think of these shoes.”

Me, “Well, those are good for just running around, but you need some dress shoes or something a bit more fitting with your pants. You wouldn’t have to get crazy fancy shoes if you are concerned, just something that will surprise your wife and look good with nice pants. The truth is that when she finds out you have a whole different plan she won’t care what you are wearing and will be ready for 15 more years.”

He came out when he was back in all his clothes he had arrived in and this was clearly a change for him. He showed me how baggy his jeans were that he was used to and how large his sweatshirt was on his regular sized self. To think he went out to plan this, got clothes on his own when he evidently keeps them forever as alluded to by the proposed longevity of his pants and how that shirt would be very versatile….

I wished him all the best and told him to have a wonderful anniversary, not to worry as she will love it all. He started off and then turned around and asked if I was married. I said yes, will be 36 years. He smiled and waved the pants at me.

God bless you, you , you…gem.


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