I Had Never Been Asked That Before

I was at Job 2 and this man came up to me with his little girl and wanted her to try on some clothes. I was helping her a bit and he was standing around waiting. He was nice and polite. We talked about the weather and then he says, “This is sort of an odd question to ask….” I urged, “That’s ok, what can I help you with?” He asked, “Do you have any nipple covers here?” Me, “Sometimes, and they might go by a different name, but I will check.” At first, dear Reader, you might be pretty surprised that I didn’t even break stride in answering that question. I surprise myself…every…single…day too. The other worker bee also checked and then we told him that we didn’t have any today.

He had told me that he was a body painter and I just assumed that he painted car bodies. I have been assuming all wrong this week and once again had not grasped that he painted human bodies. I was intrigued. I was intrigued because pretty much everything makes me go, “Tell me more.”

He said that he usually is an industrial painter, but got into body painting. That is when another co-worker got into the conversation and thought that she recognized him when he told us that he was on the Netflix Series, “Body Wars”, Season 3, that his name was Otto and that he was the one in the cowboy hat. My co-worker LOVES that show and WAS uber excited. She called her mom. I had not ever heard of that show and did not know it was a thing.

Otto said he lives in one of the towns close to us. We discussed it and he told me what house he lived in. The town is very familiar and I knew which one it was. He then told me that it is no big deal to paint on human bodies as you get used to it. Some people wear g-strings and nipple covers, some wear just g-strings and some come out with nothing on at all when ready to be painted.

He went on to tell me that he was soon to be going to the Playboy Mansion for a job. I thought that might not even be a thing anymore and he said that it was not a big deal as they are just people. He wasn’t boastful or making it seem less than it was waiting to be elevated, but just was telling his story. He seemed like a nice person and the way he spoke to his daughter also showed that he was decent.

He said that after it was all done and the editing was finished that one of the producers called to say that his voice wouldn’t be heard on the show that much as his sound had to be extremely cut because of his word choices. He said his friends were surprised at how quiet he was as he is a talker.

When I got home I told the hubs and we watched a bit of it, texted one of the kids about it and then called my friend and said, “Guess what happened at work today and have you ever seen “Body Wars”?” We discussed the different aspects of doing that kind of art and laughed our way around our thoughts of what a world we live in and wondered at this kind of canvas.

The people that I get to meet everyday at Job 2 are people that we all know and see every day. What we don’t always appreciate are the stories that are inside of them. How great is it that I get to learn about new things and meet so many extraordinarily ordinary people that can just light up my brain? I can’t wait for the next person with an odd question.



One thought on “I Had Never Been Asked That Before

  1. That happens in my job, too. People have amazing stories, but don’t always tell them because they don’t think they’re amazing. We just do the best we can with what we have.


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