One of Those Tests In Magazines

Did you ever take one of those tests for fun to see how…whatever you are? I have one for you and it is called, “Are You Winning at Life?” Take it. It will be fun. Here you go…

  1. If you NEVER wiped sweat from you face with your tee-shirt in the lobby of the public library after you tried checking out a book and exposed your belly…give yourself 100 points. If you ever did that deduct 50,000 points.
  2. If you looked at or held a baby in real life during the past 5 years, give yourself 200 points. If you loved it then multiply by 80.
  3. If you woke up this morning give yourself 150 points because there are a lot of people who did not.
  4. If you had knee replacement surgery and it was traumatic,  give yourself 5500 points.
  5. If you had knee replacement surgery and it wasn’t traumatic…give yourself 500 points. Any way you look at it that surgery was horrible, but I am glad you are ok.
  6. If you ever stuck your hand in a river, pond, creek, lake or ocean just because it was beautiful…300 points.
  7. If you didn’t punch someone in the throat although they had it coming…give yourself 200 points. I’m especially proud of you.
  8. If you were nice to someone today….give yourself 50 points.
  9. If you were nice to yourself today and said positive things to yourself, you get 5000 points.
  10. If you ever shooed a bug out of the house rather than smooshing it…give yourself 2 points.
  11. If you were good to a pet…give yourself 100 points.
  12. If you did something for someone without telling them…give yourself 700 points.
  13. If you let someone go ahead of you or held the door for another give yourself 200 points.
  14. If you talked to someone older than your age group today or way younger than your age group you get 300 points.
  15. If you noticed that there was something to be grateful for give yourself 2000 points.
  16. If you know a good story to tell than give yourself 200 points.
  17. If you ever drove through a round-a-bout and didn’t say, “Are you kidding me?”, to a driver in that round-a-bout, you get 5 points.
  18. If you ever had squeaky cheese curds that were still almost warm give yourself 50 points and if you actually went into the cheese factory and bought it yourself add on 50 more points.
  19. If a sunset ever made you marvel give yourself 1000 points.
  20. If you realize that you can still love people and at the same time not like them very much (yes, that is a possibility) you are winning and get a million points.
  21. If you have kept your opinion to yourself because not everyone needs your opinion on everything then you get 427 points.
  22. If you know you’re are going to be exhausted and still drive for hundreds of miles more because you can so you can see your friend you get 8000 points.
  23. If you go to work even if it is not fun, but you are grateful it pays the bills you get 555 points.
  24. If you ever were in some type of swing you are winning and get 450 points.
  25. If you refrained from looking at your cell phone while someone was talking to you give yourself 200 points. If you were talking to someone face to face and you were on your cell phone detract 2000 points.
  26. If you told someone this past week that you loved them give yourself 10000 points and multiply it by the number of people you told.
  27. If you ate chocolate this past week give yourself 20 points and if you had a vegetable every day for at least one meal give yourself 20 more for each time.
  28. If you ever asked for help give yourself 1892 points.
  29. If you ever hang laundry outside and take in a deep breath to take in the aroma, you get 100 points
  30. If you were asked to a party in the last 2 years give yourself 10 points and multiply that by the number you were at.
  31. If you ever sat in front of a campfire or bonfire, give yourself 100 points.
  32. If you ever sang a song that made you remember when, then give yourself 400 points.
  33. If someone ever drew a picture for you and you hung it on your refrigerator you get 500 points.
  34. If “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” is your favorite movie, deduct 1 million points.

Scoring: If you scored between 0 and eleventy million you are winning at life because you are you. Well done. Keep up the good work.

One thought on “One of Those Tests In Magazines

  1. Best test ever. May I please have a brazillion points for all the other tests I’ve taken? You deserve another 3 gazillion points for making #22 so much fun!


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