Joanna and Jane: A Magnolia Table Recipe Cook Off

Hello gentle readers. What I just made was great and I am not even a fan of that particular food. Probably because I had the wrong recipe before or the impatience to make them correctly.

I took on a one day at a time, occasionally executed throwback to Julie and Julia, the book by Julie Powell about how she cooked through Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”. Let me be clear, I am not interested in mastering French cooking, but I am a fan of Joanna Gaines from the television show, “Fixer Upper”.

I do not know her. How can anyone really know someone on television? All we can do is guess and wish them well. I would think living in a public bubble is a tough gig and then she has her littles to be concerned with. Her husband, Chip, seems to be of good character as well and I wish them all well.

I got my hands on a copy of Joanna Gaines’s “Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering.” because well, why not? I started looking at the recipes and decided that I might try making her recipes in close succession like the book Julie and Julia. I leafed through it to get a lay of the land and thought that I could really do this. Then I soon came to my senses and for lots of reasons will only make some of the recipes. Not because they don’t sound good and easy to make, but because I already have lots of recipes that work for me, I don’t like all food mainly because of my past intestinal surgery and because there is just Rick and I here to eat all this. She won me over when she didn’t get all cra cra about the option of using a store bought pie crust and I even ran across a recipe that uses Velveeta. I know!!! This does not mean that she doesn’t use wonderful ingredients for most everything, but come on….she puts Velvetta in grits! That is the only thing that could possibly save such a vile concoction of wannabe food.  Plus Joanna has a houseful and some help. Still, it will be fun to make most of these and report on what I enjoy about them.

One of my friends asked me that if I was really going to do this, who would play me in the movie if this was like the blog, the movie and the book? Of course she was kidding. First of all, no one would want to see that, but I got to thinking about it because the thought is silly and entertaining, and that alone was enough for me to put that question on the wind.

The wind was in our living room and I asked my husband, Rick, what he thought. While he was thinking I was mulling it over and there is no one my age that is like me that is a famous personality that they would use in a movie. Or is there? My brain sometimes works overtime and I came up with a HUGE list in a minute. This brain thing is sometimes a problem for the hubs, but he is pretty used to it now. I digress.

These are roughly all the people that I would even consider playing me in a movie that are about my same age. The first one I thought of is Oprah, but she is older than I am doesn’t trip over her words and way more serious so that wouldn’t work right there. Here is the list I came before, “The Wind” or as I like to call him, “The Voice of Reason” aka, “The Hubs” came up with his choice. Here is my list in no particular order and the reason they might be able to pull “me” off in a movie, but face it, they would have to really be able to act.

  1. Emma Thompson: she seems funny.
  2. Angela Bassett: she seems smart.
  3. Megan Mullally: she seems funny.
  4. Jeff Foxworthy: LOL…he might be able to play me if….
  5. Marcia Gay Hardin: she is alive
  6. Michelle Pheiffer: she played a teacher in “Dangerous Minds”.
  7. Ellen DeGeneres: she is nice, but she likes scaring people in surprise attacks so       .  maybe not. My brothers frightened me enough for a lifetime.
  8. Sharon Stone: she is a fighter
  9. Kevin Bacon: he is six people away from knowing everyone.
  10. Annette Bening: she sticks up for herself
  11. Drew Carey: he seems like a nice guy and can be sarcastic.
  12. Belinda Carlisle: she was in the Bangles
  13. Joan Jett: she had great hair in the 70’s and is a musician

Then Rick says, “Melissa McCarthy”. Of course he is correct even though she is 47.

Tonight I made Joanna’s biscuits printed on page 17, called Jo Jo’s Biscuits. They are the very first recipe in the book and when she said how she tried over and over to get the right recipe, well, she had me at 3 sticks of butter. I appreciate someone who tries to get it right in everything and baking is no exception. She made so many batches for a long time and took note on what her family thought of each batch. Were they too dry, too light, too hard, too salty, too something…. She finally got it right and that is the recipe that they use in her newly opened restaurant. These were the best I had ever tasted. I can see they would go well with jams, eggs and ham, or paired in the way I made them tonight for supper. I was super careful to follow the recipe exactly and I was not disappointed.

I have a tendency to get a recipe and tweak it. Then when I get a good result I forgot what the tweak was because I am not a good recipe note taker. I would be a terrible scientist. I think that might also come from buying a different product than the one mentioned to either save money or because I am afraid that if I buy the exact thing needed and it is not something I use all the time it will go to waste if not used up quickly. I am a child of parents that came through very hard times.

We are from Wisconsin and sausage gravy is not something that is on a typical menu around here. When we recently went a few states away from us there it was on a breakfast menu and Rick had it and thought it was ok. I myself would not eat it. I saw this in the book so I made it for Rick for supper. I guess it is more breakfast food, but we are not around together for daily breakfast, and to be honest with you…I’m not cooking for breakfast for anyone during the week. Weekends, sure, but M-F…ah no.

She called for a national brand of sausage and I of course bought the pork meat and seasoned it myself saving some bucks. I did try it. It was fine, but there I go tweaking things again. I don’t think I will make that again unless someone really wants it. Not because it wasn’t good, but because it just doesn’t appeal to me. Probably because of my culture here in my area.

When I figure out how to post pictures on here I will post some of the lovely biscuits. Until then, who would play you in a movie? Go…


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