Banned Books and Rae Dunn

One of my colleagues made a display at Job 1 of children’s books that have been banned in our country over the centuries. I knew of a few that are/were considered controversial, but didn’t know that list was that long. I had read all of the ones displayed. The colleague put caution tape around them with a sign to tell people about the display and let patrons know they could still check them out. She even put a little paper in each one to briefly explain why it was banned in some areas.

Today a woman was walking by the display as I was too and said, “That is horrible!” I stopped to take in her continued thoughts and then gathered that she thought that we were banning these displayed books. She seemed literate and a native speaker. I pointed out the sign that explained the display. She still thought they were banned. I grabbed the displayed copy of “Little Women” flipping open to the place that this little blurb was placed explaining that it had been banned in some locations because the characters were promoting feminism, that they were no longer banned and she could check any of them out.

Her parting statement was, “That is horrible. I can’t believe that you are banning these books! Winne the Pooh is there!” Sigh.

There is a woman at Job 2 that comes to that business from the time it opens until about 2 or 3p. She is looking for dishes by a company called Rae Dunn. We get the random pieces in at the store and apparently it is highly collectable. I just read that Rae Dunn is an artist in the Bay area of California that has a style that is making people collect her work for home use or buying it from our store and selling it on the internet for a higher price.

I first noticed the rage last year when we got this graphic style written on everything from pet bowls to office supplies to tableware.  This one lady came in twice or  three times a day to see what we had and sometimes bought. She would ask every day if we had more, if the truck was done being unloaded yet or what time that day we would have things displayed. I thought that was annoying then.

Now we have this lady who frequents our store every single day for hours. The goal of the store is to sell merchandise, but she seems a little stalkerish. I have listened to her talk to other frequent Rae Dunn hunters about what dish they are looking for and what color. She says that she collects it for herself, but I have gotten tidbits on the air that she is part of a gang of Rae Dunn shoppers that search for it as a group swapping, trading and selling. The other day she swapped business cards with another woman so she could get in on the selling. The lady from last year still comes in about twice a day and confers with the stalker. It is like a drug deal for dish swappers.

This would be fine, but she quizzes every worker every half hour about the state of the Rae Dunn. She seems like we are keeping it from her. I told her that our goal is to sell the merchandise and we are keeping nothing from her….although we are getting so annoyed that we are thinking of telling her nothing.

She told me that other stores hide the pieces like Easter eggs or that they line up outside of the store in the morning taking a number so first come first served and one item of that to a customer. What store has time for that? Corporate even sent down a rule that we can’t hold any pieces on request from phone inquiries because they are in such high demand.

Some lady got a whole cart full of pieces the other day because the stalker was in the bathroom when the cart load was put out. The stalker was very upset with the woman who took all the pieces and wouldn’t share. Meh.

The stalker woman told another worker that she had even stayed home from camping with her family so she could come to the store to get the pieces every day. What a huge waste of time!!!! Dishes? So when she is on her deathbed, she would trade that time she could have had with them for…… dishes?

It is almost as if these women are just walking around not paying attention to what is really going on. Both clueless.


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