Old Story I Pulled from the Vault. #1

This was from Job 2, 3 years ago.

Today I had the pleasure of being witness to a dad shopping with his two tween age daughters. They were both in the awkward stage of growing when their tummies don’t match their legs, their hair doesn’t match their heads and their teeth and noses and eyes haven’t grown into their faces. Glasses being pushed repeatedly back ( I think I knew that girl a long time ago…me). They were precious to him shown by his reaction to them. I was at fault when I first saw him thinking him to be a sweaty, messy man, eager for this time to be over, blabbing on his cell, but soon I could sense he was a different type of fellow. I was guilty of misjudging him by his appearance (a sin that I have been victim to so many times myself..shame on me), but as he hung up his cell and began talking to his girls, explaining who he had been speaking to, I could tell he wouldn’t mind me saying the next thing. I told him how blessed he was to have these daughters and he agreed and said there were three more at home as well as a son. He told me that when he was 13 he had told his mother that he wanted a baker’s dozen of children. He looked right into their faces and he spoke to them as he said that he is happy in this world with less than half of what he had wished as they were everything he had hoped for. My, my. The girls looked at him as they had heard this before, yet were not sick of it and believed every word. While the one whose turn it was to have him buy some clothes on clearance, tried on clothes, we chatted, I watched and listened. The other danced a bit to the store music as they waited. I over heard him tell her that she is just like her mother in that she looks good in everything she puts on and was happy that she had come along to give some support to her sister and to him. I thought it was so sweet to say lovely things about his wife, her mama, to this daughter. What a good example of a person. The waiting daughter went on to complain about the gym teacher and I thought he was going to take the daughter’s side as he was listening so intently. I smiled to myself when he replied that the teacher was very right and all he could hear was unwarranted complaints. (Thank you for listening to your girl, and as a former teacher, thank you for backing up the teacher after you heard the story.) He smiled at her and touched the end of her nose with his finger. Then the sister came out in intervals with her selections. He praised each selection and inspected it for coverage and comfort. He never said one thing about how she fit in the clothes, but rather how the clothes enhanced her or could be worn with this or that to be even better for her. He suggested leggings and maybe a belt, but not in a way that detracted or made her feel anything but special and loved. If there were any faults it was the clothes that didn’t measure up to her and not the other way around. I called on the help of a co-worker to lead them to find the extra items and to share in the opportunity to hear this group talk to each other. I do believe that the girl that got was walking on air as they left. Her helping sister, who was roughly the same age, was not left out, was not begging for herself, but had rightly been been paid attention too and was part of the adventure. Thanks big, sweaty, unkept, fashion nightmare dad. You are awesome and I wish there were a million of you.

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