Bird Conversation

It is a steady rain coming down on this first day of October and Dollie and I go outside for a little walk. The first thing that stops us is the sound of small birds. She looks at me and I her asking in dog and people through some telepathic way as if to say, “Do you hear that?” We are so near the house and the rain’s steady beat disguises which way the sound is coming from.

The land is soaked and on this day the nearly turned up earth emits that scent that can only be captured before the leaves turn to gold and rust. That green smell that lets you know the earth is still growing things, but is about to go into a new cycle. It only happens in this week of weeks as the days are noticeably shorter, but not dark at 4.

We walked to the back of the house where we saw the cranes picking up bits from the turned dirt. We heard seagulls that come to find the worms that come to the top as to not drown in the soaking rain. We hear their calls, but this was not the bird sound that had captured our attention.

We circled the house and as we did so saw the flocks of black colored birds having their October conversations. Were they catching up over their lives in the summer? Were they making plans for their move to warmer places? Were they discussing the wind patterns and the food available in this last month season? Were they talking about their disappointments, their health, what they had for supper or the new trees sprouting up near the line fence?

Whatever their conversation it was full of excitement and not terror, full of life and not dread, full of intensity yet without malice. That is the way I heard that bird conversation and it made me happy to live in this world where I could hear such a thing.

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