Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

I have always liked the thought of making resolutions and sticking with them, but like most people I have trouble keeping them. I have had some success and that’s what this entry is about.

The things I would like to resolve to change or expand on are typical of most. They are; get healthier, lose weight, stop cussing, write at least once a month in my blog, not say negative things about myself out loud or in writing although the tape in my head is pretty much on all the time, to find one good thing about people that are annoying to me, expand my flower garden, make sure I tell people how much I and love them, make homemade salve, making recipes that I have never tried, trying out lasagna gardening, hand write a note or letter to someone every month and more private challenges ones that don’t have to be out there.

I have good success in my one and done projects. Two years ago I made it the whole year without saying something negative about myself out loud or on the internet. I have had good luck at the letters, the blog, making up reasons why someone is annoying so I can try to excuse their behavior and making interesting food. The healthier and weight thing is just going to be an ongoing battle and that is ok. I sometimes say cuss words and have already broken this year’s trial, but tomorrow is a new day and it is something that I should do because I want to.

It is said that to make a goal you should make a plan of how to get there. That is a good idea, but I find it hard to stick with things longer than a little while due to me getting bored really fast. According to my mom it is a family trait from my dad’s side of the family. Example A would be the reason why my Grandma Sarah Spiegelberg made great pies (it is probably correct and meant for another very small blog entry. That is where I have to create small goals that have different ways of getting to the end and maintain that goal despite my gene pool.

There are some things that just won’t be resolved. There are some relationships that could stand a good tightening up, but for whatever reason that is most likely not going to happen. The real test of that is if I can let that go. I resolve to not let that go in some relationships and keep my heart open in most. The closer the relatives are the harder it is. When you rap on their proverbial door and they don’t answer or say they don’t need help that is the tough one.

I have read a few resolutions this year from friends, but mostly not as many as is common this time of year. Maybe they have been like my expanded flower garden. I expanded it and now it is too big to manage. Hopefully my good intentions and everyone else’s are not too big to manage.

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