Hugged By a Stranger

I was at work today and was attending to these women that came over to look at clothes. The one that was trying the clothes had a huge amount that she took in increments to try on. The other was to stand out in the store and be the judge of the try ons. The try on person was disorganized and sort of annoying. I got the gist of their conversation that the one that was trying on was going on a blind date and her friend was going to help her decide on purchases. Since I jumped to conclusions and early judgements that I imagined that this date won’t go well as this woman was too annoying to be taken seriously by a date, let alone how her friend could put up with her. Then of course I was playing that in my head and decided that was just mean of me as I probably have been that person for one of my friends and made others go, “For heaven’s sake, why are you even friends with her as she is so weird?”

After the mental self castigation I concentrated on the patient friend giving honest and kind assessment to the clothing choices being modeled. She was super nice and she started telling me about how her friend was going on a blind date and she herself had been down that road. She told me how she was disappointed in the men that were available for her in her demographic. I told her stories of successful online dating successes that I knew personally about. We discussed the ways things have changed over the years in dating, how some men of a certain age might even feel more unoriented because of the fast cultural changes in the recent years and what that is like for them. We talked about age of men, thought process of men and changing expectations for women. It was a great conversation.

I was thinking that she was speaking in a way that I was in-tune to and thought, “I wonder if she is a teacher, but if you are a teacher why are you not in school?” Then my answer came as a young woman came near her. They talked like this young person was a former student. I heard the word retire and when she was done I told her that was was a former teacher.

Then we started talked about where we did out gigs, how it used to be about how great it was and how wonderful former students are. This person was on my page! We discussed the changes, what we thought were the causes, how we felt bad for the young teachers who don’t even how great it used to be and how thankful we are that they are there now.

She noticed my name tag, said my name, told me hers and hugged me telling me that it was nice to talk to someone that understands. Nice.

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