Clare Hears A Lot

Clare is always amazed at the things she hears at the place she works. Last week there was a man that gave her a huh…moment. She had never thought about that subject before. That subject being inbreeding.

A man was helping his wife decide on what clothes to buy. His wife’s choice made him say that she looked Amish. He looked at Clare for backup. Clare said nothing. The man sat down and waited for his wife to return. He looked at Claire and commented on how the Amish seem to have their thumb on their women. She noticed he seemed disturbed about that and then he commented on how they must have to be concerned with marrying too close in family lines.

Clare told him that there was a farm in her neighborhood that was being looked at by Amish families for a resettlement just for that very reason. He said he didn’t know that, but then added that the native Americans have that same concern. Clare had never even considered the lineage of the First Peoples before this moment in the subcategory of inbreeding. She figured that there must be some stop gap measure in the tribes for this concern as well, but it had never occurred to her before this conversation.

Clare is often curious if things she hears is even true. Clare heard that there is a female worker that she had worked with a few times before that had a story that they are on the down low from a gang in a more western state. They have chosen to pick a name that is in a super obscure niche from the entertainment field of the 1980’s to use in social media rather than their own given name…if that is their real name. The worker is a slacker, has an attitude of superiority and could easily answer everyone with the term, “Bite me,” although I have never heard her use those words with her mouth, just her eyes.

There was a elderly lady who came into Clare’s store with her daughter who wanted to try on clothing. The elderly woman sat in a chair close to Clare and eyed her up. She pointed at various clothes hanging on a rack and wanted to know about each item. Where was it made? What is it made from? How much is it? Why is that one on clearance? Then finally she asked Clare what were her views of the government shutdown. Since Clare is being a representative for the place of employment she opted to just say, “It is really too bad for many people.” The elderly lady pushed Clare to be more specific in her answer and qualify her statement. Clare is not stupid and danced around the whole subject giving bland statements that could be taken any which way. The elderly woman got the message and soon stopped the grilling as she seemed to sense that Clare was going to not give her anything to latch on to.

Soon the elderly woman’s daughter came out from trying on clothes. Clare was grateful the the attention had now focused on the daughter and the mother’s growing acerbic tongue found its usual target. Clare was grateful, but felt a bit sorry for the daughter as they walked off with the demands and talk that they had fallen back into.

Clare spent the rest of the day doing a few errand when her job was through. She went to visit her father and found that her sister was returning the father back from an appointment. Clare greeted her sister and got a short, “Hey.” She asked if her sister was doing well and got a one phrase reply with no embellishment. Her sister did ask if there was any more to carry in the house. Clare told her that she had it all now and thanked her. They met inside while the father was taking off his jacket. Clare asked about the sister’s husband. The answer was, “Good.” Then Clare said to tell the sister’s husband that she said hello. Now here is the weird part. Clare hadn’t been in the same proximity with her sister for maybe over a year. This wasn’t unusual, but there was no reciprocity on the sister’s part in conversing. That is sort of when a person would like to hear something.

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