A Fawn in the Field

My friend Julie posted a picture of a fawn in the area around their place. It is all curled up trying not to be noticed. It’s little self stands out on the emerald green grass as the little stripes and spots only camouflage its tiny hooves. I suspect that this baby’s mama is watching from wooded cover growing more anxious with each appearance of a two leg taking a look.

I remember when I saw my first little spotted bundle of fawn. My dad came in from haying and told us to get in the truck as there was a fawn in the hay…and hurry before it gets away. He almost mowed it down doing his field work. Knowing it was a little miracle, he was hoping to share that with us too.

Dad’s instructions were clear. No talking, walk slowly on approach and no touching this tiny ball of wonder. It was curled up just as Julie’s fawn was now. The green alfalfa was almost is a swirl around this infant of the Poygan. This baby was so tiny. Big eyes wondering what all these sights and smells were as it wished itself invisible.

My dad said the mother was in the woods north of where we were. He had the most amazing vision even in old age and was always aware of where the deer were. He said the baby was the smallest he had ever seen suspecting that it was a very newly born creature.

We took in the wonder and then backed off at Dad’s whispered command. He saw the doe and knew it was in the best interest of all to let her fulfill her instincts. Instead of getting back in the truck for the ride back down the lane to the house, we walked. It seemed like the only way to sort out that vision in nature by walking in it a little more, reflecting on the moment and storing it away for a day some 53 years later.

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