Sue, Christine and Cheryl

There was a theme brewing at the store today. At first it all gelled together around swimsuits, boobs and age. This pair of women came into the store and were trying on clothes for a family trip to the Carolina Coast. The red head said to me, “This suit shows too much of my boobs and is cut too far down in the back, but I can’t find one that is just right. I cannot even believe that we are taking a family vacation to the Carolinas and spending 4 days at the beach with the grandchildren and I have to be in a swimsuit. I have no business being 80 and wearing a swimsuit.” She seemed safe to reply to and I told her that her grandchildren won’t care about what she had on as long as she was having fun with them and making memories. Suit-schoomdt. It is like that saying I read recently that said. Do you have a beach? Do you have a body? Then you have a beach body.

I get it. Who doesn’t want to be cute? When do we take a day off of figuring out if we look terrible in a swimsuit? Since there might not be an actual whole day, there will be moments when we can just be and not worry about our appearance. It is exhausting, but it is possible.

The red head held up the questionable suit to her friend. The friend thought that she could sew closed that open weave part that ran between the breasts to the mid abdomen. I agreed and said it was a good suit for making memories in as long as she was comfortable in it then she was good to go. She threw it in her cart, while I continued to convince her that she will have a wonderful time. She looked at me and said something really nice to me and I felt like crying.

Then while they were still there another person from the retired set (I am not far from there) came up wanting to try on this BEAUTIFUL evening dress. We were all commenting on its amazing color and details. One of the pair said that it would look great with her hair. The hair color of this person was white. It was a healthy looking white and styled nicely. She shook and ruffled her hair and said it was a time to get a cut because if she does that after a cut it will just settle back into the right position and it just didn’t go back as planned. I thought it did, but then I have low expectations for hair.

That led one of the other ladies with white hair to say that she didn’t dye hers as it was just too damaging and at this point she didn’t care what color it was. The other one said, “I’m not giving up mine, girls. Red it is and red it will be.” The woman with the dress said that she had cancer when she was 41 and if she tries to dye it now it comes out blotchy so she is resigned to white. Then they asked her if she was well now and found out that she was.

Chattering ensued as the dress lady went to the fitting rooms to try on the dress and came out to see if I would zip her up. Before I could help the red-head went to do the honors. She was flipping her glasses up and down from face to head trying to see what sequin was causing trouble in the zipper department. We all laughed regarding our need for eye help. The dress lady said that she was a tailor and after two eye surgeries things were much harder. Zip. Done and gorgeous.

The dress was the perfect length and fit just right. The dress lady took a turn in front of the mirror and agreed with us without conceit. She said that she hoped it was a dress that would not outshine the bride. The red head said that the color would not be a problem and the dress lady said the bride would not be wearing a white dress and seemed a tad concerned because this dress was almost tooooo great. I felt a relief from all when I said that, “No one outshines the bride so don’t worry about it.” She went back into the room with these other two. You could hear them talking and pretty soon came out discussing how they would be meeting in a few minutes at the neighboring restaurant.

The other two moved on and the dress lady came up to me and told me that this dress, time and place were a blessing. She told me that in those few moments they had discovered that they were neighbors, that they all recently had someone die by suicide in their immediate family, they all have eye trouble, they all had recent deaths of husbands and were going to lunch to get to know each other. She blessed me with something she told me and hurried off to buy the dress and to make new friends.

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