The Hood

Some of my college friends live in Florida and one of them posted a picture of something that happened in his hood last night. The incident itself was not a good one at all, but him using the hood reference in his post was also meant to lighten the mood of the situation and tell where it was.

I live in the same hood that I was raised in, but over two miles from my childhood farm. I live on the edge of what I would consider my hood. Two miles by us is nothing and we knew all the “neighbors”. Those would be considered folks to be ones that were within five miles.

I drove over to drop off some rhubarb to my high school friend. She is a recent addition to the hood as she moved in within the last two decades. I took one way there and another one back home to see how things are this season. My work route bypasses most of my hood and I don’t get to see much of it on a monthly basis.

Today it is lush and green, grown up in places, built up in other places. I think there are 80% more houses on our back roads than were when we moved here. The old neighbors are passing or have passed and Rick and I are now the older ones in the hood. The farms have changed ownership for the most part and some have new builds scattered over the once arable land.

When I go passed the farms I knew as a girl they still tell me their names. Longworth, Williams, Peck, Crowley, Reinert, Kratz, Kratz, Tritt, Tritt, Nachtrab, Tritt, Giddings, Schonscheck, turn around, Crowley, Tritt, Spiegelberg, O’Reilly, Coats, Lungwitz, Carpenter/Dusso, King, Ginnow/ Grever, Race. For those of you who read my blog and lived out here you know you followed right along the road with me. There are even some places that have gone away, but I know they were there. If I go the other way there are more; Retzlaff, Silverthorn, Tritt, Schuster, Shea, Winter, Kromm, Sullivan and Costello. The other way there are Crowley, Ginrich, Lee, Brooks, Schonscheck.

Why list names of people you do not know? They are beautiful names of hard working people. Lots of similar names as the families stayed close back in the day and that should be marked as well. If people want they can get an old platbook or comb through the files online of the old neighborhood, but this listing is really for me.

Lots of stories in all those families. Heartache, joy, community, love, animosity, birth, death, marriage, shivarees, weddings, hayrides, slim pickings, abundance, and help. I don’t know most of the people in the hood. We tend to not need each other as neighbors anymore. We are so self sufficient and isolated, unless we reach out. Who knew that delivering rhubarb would actually take me down memory road?

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