Reasons Why I am Pulling Out of the Presidential Race 2020

I bet you didn’t know that I was running for President. Neither did I, but I decided that if I am following the candidates I really am running for president. That being said, I cracked myself up the other day by thinking that I would write this blog and pretend that I am really getting out as if I was a candidate and could have really won. I look at all those candidates and really wonder what their life is like. Here are some reasons why I am not running….anymore.

  1. There might not be enough snacks.
  2. I change my mind…a lot.
  3. I think that perhaps I am too nice to run for president as hopefully I would not be as mean or shady as many candidates have been.
  4. I think that perhaps I am not nice enough to be a candidate because sometimes I don’t have a filter and do tell people what I could easily shut up about.
  5. I like Wisconsin from April through October and would hate to live where it gets so hot.
  6. I wouldn’t put my family through that although my mom would LOVE it. She would do good on camera.
  7. If I was a candidate I would ask my kids and hubs for their opinions and they are too busy already.
  8. I wouldn’t put my friends through that either, but if I won I would have so many people that I could ask to be advisors…but that is hard to drag them into that scrutiny. I know people for every single cabinet position. I should write a blog post about that!
  9. I don’t think they would allow me to make up new cabinet positions. That may also be a good blog post.
  10. I start singing and dancing for no apparent reason, that might not always be timely.
  11. I am not photogenic.
  12. There is not enough money in my bank account. Sad to say that this is even a thing.
  13. I would have to create my own political party. Look what happened to the Federalists and Whigs.
  14. I’m not good with putting up with bs.
  15. If I was doing a debate and got attacked I most likely would start crying.
  16. My feet and knees already hurt, I can’t imagine doing the heel deal all the time. I would have to wear my lovely black runners.
  17. They most likely would not recommend that I wear black all the time as I tend to do.
  18. The parade walk is grueling. I’d have to do the hay rack.