My Quarantine Guest List

Since I have excessive time on my hands and the whole reason for writing this blog in the first place was to release anxiety through writing, I figured this would be a good day to give it a go again.

I have been thinking of all the people that I would like to sit down and talk to or listen in on them talking to others. I decided to make lists. I am good at that. If this was even a possibility I would have rules, well…because it is my event and I can make rules. Since this will never ever happen I can make rules that the guests have to adhere to.

The problem is, and everyone knows this, if you have an event and there are many guests it is rare to actually sit down and have heart to heart conversations with as many people that you want to and have the time to do it. So here are the rules;

Everyone invited has to be pleasant, if not deep down lovely to me, my friends and each other. They have to speak and understand English so my friends and I can communicate effectively. They need to know what is going on currently and what has transpired to this time since their demise. They need to be patient with me as I may ask questions they think I should know about, but don’t. They have to eat what we have, though they will have to bring snacks or make food to share. They need to be clean and follow standards of modern cleanliness. They can cook and order food as long as they share. They have to do their own laundry. They really have to be nice. I can’t emphasize that enough. They can disagree, but there will be no actual fighting or calling of names.

They will stay at a resort of some sort where people can mingle and talk. That way there will be enough rooms and they will be there for a long time so I can talk to everyone. With this many people they will have to be there a very long time. It will all be recorded in case I forget something they said. It won’t cost anyone anything….because…this is a fantasy.

So, who is invited? All my friends and my agreeable relatives. The others have gained recognition in some way and would be affable enough (see rules) to talk to and I would surely learn many things.

I put them in no particular order. Some are alive and some are passed. I may add to it as someone pops into my mind. Mind you, I may not agree with what I perceive are their positions at this time, but would like to talk about it and find out. There were others that I considered, but don’t perceive them as people that are affable in general or can be persuaded to be affable. I would really like to talk to Steve Martin, as I think he is a great talent, but am not sure he would like to talk.

Eleanor Roosevelt, Elizabeth I, Deborah from the Bible, Nellie Bly, Maya Angelou, Clara Barton, Barbara Jordan, Lillian Gilbreth, Abigail Adams, Sacagawea, Jane Austen Brene Brown, Julia Child, Elizabeth Blackwell, Helen Farnsworth Meers, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Beatrix Potter, Edith Wilson, Madame Chiang Kai-shek, Laura Bush, Michele Obama, Madeleine Albright, Condolezza Rice, Pink, Joanna Gaines, Suzann Stabile, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sandra Day O’Connor, Elizabeth Warren, Trisha Yearwood, Oprah Winfrey, Angela Merkel, Katie Luther, Marie Yovanovitch, Melinda Gates, Alicia Keys, Christiane Amanpour, Beyonce Knowles, Rachel Maddow , Eve , Gayle King, Fannie Brice, Dollie Parton, Corrie Ten Boom, Robin Roberts, Emma Thompson, Ada Lovelace, Diane Sawyer, Amy Klobuschar, Meryl Streep, Phillis Wheatley, Maria Montessori, Leslie Stahl, Melissa McCarthy, Shirley Chisholm, Shirley Temple, Goldie Hahn, Fiona Hill , Doris Kerans Goodwin , Jenny Lawson, Betty White, Tina Fey, Cokie Roberts, Laura Logan, Phyllis Diller, Annie Oakley, Sonia Sotomayor , Joan of Arc, Mary the Mother of Jesus , Pocahontas, Ellen DeGeneres, Barbara Walters, Mary Magdalene, Margaret Thatcher, Jim Lovell, Yo-Yo Ma, Adam, Jesus, Andrew Weil, Andrew Yang, William Wilberforce, Martin Luther , Conan O’Brien , Sanjay Gupta, Dave Asprey, Fred Rogers, Ira Glass, Dean Ornish, David Brooks, Ralph Lauren, Wayne Dyer, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jon Stewart, Dr. Phil, Ted Koppel, Dan Rather, Richard Davidson, Dwayne Johnson, Stephen Dubner, Dave Ramsey, Tony Robbins, Pres. Truman, Abraham Lincoln, President Obama, Theodore Roosevelt, Phil Donahue, David McCullough, Joseph Ellis, Andrew Carnegie, J.R.R.Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Ken Burns, Anthony Bourdain , Paul from the Bible, Dave Chappelle, Nelson Mandela, Pope Francis Warren Buffet, St Francis, Michael Lewis, Anthony Fauci, Charlie Gibson, Paul Ryan James Comey, Stanley McChrystal, James Cordon, John D. Rockefeller, Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, George Washington, Galileo, Johannes Gutenberg, Ghandi, Dalai Lama, Francis Collins and Edward Snowden.

Maybe the next thing would be; what interests me about them and what food would they bring with them?

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