You Can’t Un-see or Un-hear/Light Day

LALALALALALALALALA That is what you say loudly when you don’t want to hear things as you clamp your hands over your ears and shut your eyes with a grimace (now Grimance…well that just reminded me of the Hamburgler). I don’t think that I have ever really actually in real life done that. I wanted to though.

Some days I would never want to hear the seriousness of what someone is telling me, but I don’t really do that action during those times because….. I am an adult. I won’t give you examples because everyone has had them and we won’t go to those examples now. Those just make us cry.

I will go to the days that are not so serious, but still I don’t want to see or hear the stuff that is flying through the air in light and sound. Today I saw someone that had hair which looked like Sonic the Hedgehog and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine had a baby. I was so happy that after she talked for a few minuets  that what she had to say almost diverted me away from her hair. It wasn’t even blue. I think that if it would have been blue I would have liked it better right away because maybe it was a statement piece, but I think it was just her hair.

Once or twice when I had short hair I got up in the morning and my hair vaguely reminded myself of Wolverine hair and I posted a picture of that style on my Facebook page featuring Mr. Jackman. If I was Wolverine and looked like Mr. Jackman I could have pulled it off for the day, but since I am a woman currently knocking on the door to the end of the 50’s…well it is more than a stretch for me to look good like that for any day.

I also heard grammar that made me speak about them in my own head, “You got that job with that vocabulary? You have risen to that position and you don’t know that you are saying that incorrectly?” That always shocks me a bit and then makes me wonder what thing I have said that made people go, “WHAT? Does she even listen to herself?

I have these internal running convos with myself. So do you, so don’t judge.

I heard a grown up, educated someone say, “It costed a lot.” COSTED???? Then I heard at my other job, “Subtle,” when describing a nail polish. Here is the thing. The person pronounced the B. I know.

While I am quick to comment on another’s hair or grammar, I am sure that all will certainly not think too much of it when they find my typos and strange sentence structures here because….I hate to edit…much…about me….in my life.

Mae grayce an piece bee our’s.

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