I Say Anything…Like It’s My Job

My dad always said, “You never know what a day will bring.” That is for sure and I learned at an early age to pay attention to everything. Self preservation really made me aware of the different personalities swirling about me and knowing how to react to them. It was a benefit to all my life. Being aware of the people around me and how they react to life and then how I react to that has made life more interesting. Unfortunately, at times, there is no explanation for what comes out of my mouth.

Between Job 1 and 2 I stopped at the gas station. Upon entering I encountered an elderly man with a walker coming out of the store. Behind him was the manager pushing the man’s small cart with a few items in it.

The elderly man fisted the handicapped button to make the door open for himself as he proceeded to bash his walker into the door. Apparently it was opening too slowly so it didn’t take much for me to just lean over and push on the door attempting to give it a hint to do it’s job more swiftly. The man went OFF! He hit at me and yelled at me to leave it alone. He then swiped at me again although I had backed off in shock. I then shouted out to him to have a wonderful day, not before I punctuated it with a smaller, “Jerk!”….you know, like Jesus would say it. Yes, I’m pathetic.

The manager was witness to it all and was so kind to approach me inside the store when he had apparently gotten Mr. Cranky out to his car. He said, “I wanted to make sure to acknowledge that you were nice to him despite him being like that.” I sheepishly replied, “Ya, well, I called him a jerk. Not so nice.” He smirked, “He was.” Still, if someone was keeping score, 0 points for me. 1000 points for the nice manager.

In a different time of my life I would have taken that whole interaction with Mr. Cranky as somehow my fault. I could have asked first, I could have, I could have, I could have. Now I know that Mr. Cranky was not upset with me, but was upset about lots of other things that had nothing to do with me. I had one job and that was not to be nice and not call him a jerk and I couldn’t do that. Seriously, it was that hard for me?

Then my friend stopped by to greet me while I was working. I of course ran her over with all my talk of what I was reading and blah, blah, blah…I love to talk to her and I couldn’t stop talking. I barely let her get a word in. I am sure it is exhausting for her, but she puts up with me. I say anything and she gets me.

Advance that an hour and there I was still at my favorite job and a nice young woman came up to me and asked me if I have ever heard of, “Humans of New York”. I said that I had,  then she asked if I was familiar with, “Humans of Oshkosh”. I told her that I was and followed them on Facebook because I love stories of peoples’ lives. She then asked ME if I would like to be interviewed. WHAT? WHAT? Ummmm…sure, but you will have to take into consideration that I am working and will need to be interrupted quite often. She understood and away she went. Poor dear. Not sure that she knew what she had stepped into. Then she asked if she could record it followed by a picture of moi.

The questions were mostly about my working life, from my first job until now. From canning company cleaning crew during pea harvest, driving a bulldozer, teaching and then to Job 1 and then Job 2. Now that all is going to be in print…with my picture….with my actual words…the ones about how one of my jobs broke my heart, and one of them is not what I had expected…at alllllll…and kind of may or may not have said why…. finally how much I love Job 2 and why. I hope that is the part they hit on, because I say anything…like it’s my job.




One thought on “I Say Anything…Like It’s My Job

  1. Be sure to tell us when it shows up on Humans of Oshkosh. I love that you tell us what you’re reading (that’s the only way I read something new) and I love hearing your stories.


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