4 Weird Things Today

Weird Thing One I had to do Math at Job 2.  When a customer decides to try on clothes, they are only allowed a certain number of them in the fitting room at one time. There are many reasons for this and I can usually work it out for the customer so they are not annoyed if they have a few more than allowed. I have that kind of power. haha It usually goes like this. When a train leaves the station at 3 AM and goes 45 miles an hour for 20 minutes and then spends the last 3.6 miles going 12,000 miles an hour, how much do 14 pandas eat before the pterodactyls and what is your return policy?

Weird Thing Two When I was driving home today I saw an owl or a hawk…I know…I was just that tired and wondered if that was Harry Potter and did Harry even do that?

Weird Thing Three When I go to a heath care professional and they feel so comfortable with me and end up telling me about all the stuff going on with them that I am now feeling as though I should bill them.

Weird Thing Four Not that I don’t think this about every other day, but I am really pretty sure that there is a huge long line of more mentally ill people in my family than me. No, I don’t think this is funny as I certainly am familiar with mental illness forms, but if I don’t laugh about it I will certainly cry. It is good to acknowledge that publicly from time to time.


One thought on “4 Weird Things Today

  1. There is a scene in the show Modern Family where they are having a yard sale. Someone asks grumpy Jay, “What’s your return policy?” He says, “You return, I called the cops.” I guess that wouldn’t work for your pandas.


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