This Stranger Told Me About Her Breasts

There are many reasons to have breast surgery. There are your reconstructions after cancer, there are reductions and augmentations to make a person feel better about what is before them. Personally I think that people should do whatever makes them feel comfortable in their skin, able to move easier and feel better in their clothes and life. I know that it is a challenge for anyone that feels uncomfortable with whatever they get in the gene pool lotto. Some people get things changed and some do not.

Today at Job 2, a woman my age was grappling with how her purposefully changed breasts didn’t really fit with her naturally occurring waist and behind. She went on to tell me how things have widened although weight wasn’t really an issue, and it now wasn’t a good match for her other bits.

She grabbed her breasts (with clothes on..whew) when she was telling me and said she wished that she would have never had this surgery to lift and enlarge, how her husband really pushed her to have them done quite a while ago, and how stupid she was to cave when what she now felt was a mistake.

I really didn’t mind having this stranger tell me these personal details. I’m used to it and it is always a good thinker. She has to tell someone and besides, in the end she found a dress that made them look good to her. What I do mind is that she seemed to regret it not because it was what she really wanted and now was regretting it, but what someone else wanted for her, she did it for them and regretted it.


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