Fine. He’s Just Fine

Today I got to see some women that I grew up admiring from my church where I was raised. They most likely held me as a baby. They are all old and I was so honored that they would have remembered me. I hugged them all and asked about each one. It was really nice to see them. The four of them ranged in states of health. I asked them about their kids.

The mother and mother-in-law of three of them held our Erin when she was a baby and taught me to do what she referred to as the “Mama Swing”.  I had Erin out in the back of the church trying to soothe her and this matriarch, who I loved with all my heart, pitched in to give some kind advise. I go way back with these good women.

Then one of them asked about my mom and I was telling her about that. She then asked how my dad was. The others kind of looked like they hoped I would answer in the best way possible and seemed a bit uncomfortable. They all knew my parents and most likely all were in attendance at their wedding as they were at ours.

My dad died in 2011 and they had all been to the funeral. This gave me the clue that the dear one that asked was having memory issues. She remembered me in my altered state, knew to ask about my parents, but had forgotten that Dad was in heaven. I saw the faces of the others relax when I answered her, “He’s fine. He’s just fine.”

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