I See Dead People

I see dead people from time to time. It has happened for a long time. I see people that I have known that used to be walking around. It isn’t scary. Of course it isn’t the actual person that has passed away, but some random person that grabs my attention. I have to give them a closer look to see if it is the person that I think it is. I stare if I can or follow them visually as they move off.

There was that movie where that kid says he sees dead people. I haven’t watched the whole thing. I know the premise and the outcome and have watched the beginning, the end and the part that the kid says that line. I don’t like scary movies and thought it might be a scary movie, but I see dead people too, but not for the same reason as he did.

Today there was a man working at a construction site as I drove by and I looked at him extra hard. He was standing like my dad and trying to figure something out. Dad has been dead for a long while. I see my friends dad riding bike in town from time to time, I see a dear teacher who I used to teach with, I see the wife of someone I knew, I see the dad of one of my former students and I see random people once or twice unnamed here.

I am not alarmed in these instances. I am aware and curious. I look to see if it is them even though I know it is not. It is just some person that looks like or has some sort of trait of the person that comes to my mind. I don’t think it is a ghost or anything. I don’t believe in ghosts, though some do. I don’t see everyone that I know who has died, just a few. What is that about? It doesn’t make me sad, happy, or anything in between. It just is.

I think it is a little gift from God to see people. I dream of people and after I have my talk with them or they talked to me, they rarely come back into my dreams unless something from the day I had has them appear to just be in the dream hanging out. I think those dreams are little gifts too. It is a way to work out things of the day or my life. I am not sure if either of these is connected, but really I am not concerned with it, just looking at those occurrences and sometimes I ask, “Why?” Asking the question and thinking about an answer that never comes can be enlightening or just healing.


One thought on “I See Dead People

  1. I haven’t seen any dead not-dead people in a long time. For me I have to really know the shape of a person — their posture, their mannerisms — to see them walking on the planet. I don’t believe in ghosts, either. I have been lots of places where you’d think they would hang out but haven’t sensed one.


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