Filing In

One of the things I like about the church I attend now is that I feel like I am not going to check off a box on my to do list. I want to attend. I want to go. I don’t feel like I have go so people stay off my back. In some places I have been before it was an auto pilot event. I did get filled up and was able to fill up others from time to time, but there seems like a different feeling for me now.

I always noticed people filing into church before in different locations, but at this location it seems like there is a magnet inside the church and the people are a piece of metal. They are drawn, but drawn willingly. I could also be just putting that metaphor into this story and the others that are filing in are checking off a box too, but I hope not. I hope that I always feel drawn in and I hope that for the others that are walking into the church with me.

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