Bits of Air

There are times I have those moments when I hear a bit of a song melody and cannot remember the title or how the rest of it goes, see a person on TV and something about them reminds me of someone that I can’t grasp, or the name of a person that I can picture in my mind and could tell you about them, but just can’t get their name to come to my mind. Those three things happened to me just in the last day.

I could go for a few months and not have that happen and then get that bit that just won’t let go. It comes out of the air when you least expect it and maybe are doing something totally unrelated and wham, it comes to me suddenly.

The other day there was a woman who was talking on TV and her mouth movement reminded me of someone. I stared at her and stared at her. I even asked the husband if that reminded him of anyone. I even took note of the show that was on so I could Hulu it later if needed be. The hubs couldn’t come up with anything although my little bits of ideas are so common to him that he pretty much disregards them. For his part I must say that they are inconsequential, just annoying to me that I can’t come up the name. I did end up coming up with who that person’s mouth reminded me of and it wasn’t anyone the hubs knew. Resolution.

I was talking to my mom who is the repository of all information that I can’t come up with in this regard. She has a mind that captures this and knows info associated with people that are connected with the community in past days. We all call her and ask how is this person related to that person and how did that come to be? She knows all that and is the keeper of that information. It will be a loss when that memory keeper departs as that is where some of our common knowledge is kept. We were trying to come up with the last name of a person that we surely knew. We ended up going onto another topic and WHAM, the name came screaming into my head and I just blurted it out. You know how that goes, if you don’t interrupt and just say it, it runs away again. There is some weight lifted when that happens. Tiny weight, but weight nevertheless. Resolution.

I was sitting in church this morning and was enjoying the beautiful piano music preservice. The musician was playing a song that I hadn’t heard in a while seeing that my former church was not into playing very many worship songs that I had enjoyed in my previous job and education. I could only come up with a three words and jotted them down on the bulletin so I could look them up when I got home. My brain just couldn’t come up with all the lyrics and it was like a pain, because I really know I liked that song.

The song ended up being “How Can I Keep From Singing?” How appropriate that something small can bring such a sense of resolution. It really doesn’t matter in the big scheme of things if I remember who that woman’s mouth looks like, what the name is or what that song was, but it does give a little satisfaction when I have trouble answering the big questions. The little answers are a nugget for my brain to smooth out. A small victory in the face of bigger more important ones that are never answered.

The most satisfying ones for me are the music ones. The other ones I learn about and then let go, but the music ones can be listened to in real time and then put on repeat. That is what happened today with the song that I remembered. How can I keep from singing?

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