Five Crock Pots/Slow Cookers Walk Into a Bar and the Bartender Tells Them They Can’t Smoke in the Bar….

The hubs and I had a little convo about the crock pot situation at our house. I mean I had a monologue about our crock pot situation at our house and he nodded. He is good to listen to me and gave a concerned look.

Here is the deal. After watching the best television show going these days, maybe of all time, I had to take stock of our crock pot situation and decide if any of them looked like they could start a fire.

My mom had instilled a deep remembrance of the  house and barn fire in us kids as they lost their barn and animals as well as the house catching on fire. It was 4 years before I was born, but I can tell you the whole story from Mom’s memory. It must have been horrific for them.

No person was injured or killed. Every April, every time she got her wedding dress out, every time she told about the 4-H kids, every time she told about the men that came to the house, every time we did Spring and Fall housecleaning and the little burn mark in the hardwood floor in the living room was uncovered, every time my dad got the call to come to put our fires with the volunteer fire department, the reason why they had the smallest bedroom facing the driveway…I heard parts of it. Now that I think of it I never remember my dad talking about it. Maybe it is like the war for some veterans when they chose not to discuss it. I will have to ask my brothers.

So here we are with a surprise that we own five slow cookers? Oh, and there is a Nesco in the basement. Who needs this many slow cookers? The last time I used them all it was for a graduation party palooza. That was already a bunch of years ago. Because I remember everything obscure, I know when I got all those cookers. The newest one is my least favorite…figures. I have decided that they all must go away.

If you have stock in the CrockPot Company or any slow cooker appliance manufacturing company, I salute you. Janie’s going to get two new slow cookers this year at some point. After watching this show there will extra loads going to the landfill. I am sure I am not alone in dumping my old units.

This show that we all watch, not only makes me boo hoo every single episode, but it might save our lives. I just checked the batteries in the smoke detectors too and it isn’t even October.



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